Kenya: Kisumu County Signs US$ 250Mn to Increase Food Production

By Gift Briton

Kisumu County Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o has signed a partnership project worth Kshs. 30 billion (about US$ 250 million) with the United Kingdom investment group- United Green, to boost food and agricultural productivity in the lake region.

Prof. Nyong’o signed the agreement on behalf of Kisumu County 42 Lake ventures Company, an investment entity fully owned by Kisumu County government, noting that “This US$250 Million  agriculture and food security investment programme will revolutionize food production and general Agriculture in the entire Lake region.”

The multi million project aims at providing high productivity climate-smart farming and agro-industrial facilities, leading to greater financial security, better livelihoods, reliable food supply, creating new markets for farmers in the rural communities in the Lake Victoria Basin Region over the next five years.

Furthermore, the venture is projected to reduce Kenya’s dependence on importing food commodities by approximately US$200 million (about Kshs. 24 bn) annually, thus reducing Kenya’s trade deficit.

Projected to boost the production of high value crops, this project will generate foreign exchange with focus on servicing local consumer and industry demand with consumer value addition done within Kenya including at least 100,000 tonnes (16% of local demand) of locally produced rice products, at least 100,000 bales (160% of current local production) equivalent of cotton products to support the Kenyan textile industry and edible oil such as sunflower and soybean as well as cotton seed, soybean and maize by-products to support the livestock sector.

Prof. Nyong’o appreciated the United Green and British High Commission for partnering with Kisumu County and supporting the venture adding that “This project will also help to accelerate growth in other agricultural sub sector including revival of cotton industry, dairy and fish production.”

He noted that the project incredibly aligns with the county government of Kisumu strategy for revitalization of agriculture in the next five years and with the national governments agricultural sector(ASTGS) 2019-2029 and that it will significantly contribute to all the ASTGS flagships.

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