Dry Conditions to Continue in Most Parts of Kenya

By Willy Ngumbi

Most parts of the Kenya are likely to continue being dry, however, moderate rainfall may be experienced in certain parts including the Highlands West of Rift Valley, the Coast and the Highlands East of Rift Valley.

This is according to the Kenya Meteorological Department(KMD) weekly forecast where countrywide temperatures during the day are likely to be moderate (20 to 35 degrees Celsius) and less than 10 degrees Celsius during the night.

Moreover, in the Highlands West of Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria basin and Central and South Rift Valley, mornings are expected to be sunny with afternoon as well as night showers and thunderstorms.

According to the organization, North-western part is expected to be generally sunny during the day and partly cloudy at night with temperatures likely to range between 23 to 34 degrees Celsius during the day and 11 to 26 degrees Celsius during the nights.

KMD also added that the Highlands East of Rift Valley including Nairobi county are expected to be cloudy in the morning with sunny intervals and occasional afternoon and night showers over few places.

Furthermore, generally sunny conditions during the day is expected in North Eastern with temperatures likely to range between 22 to 33 degrees Celsius while nights are expected to be partly cloudy.

Additionally, in the southern lowlands, mornings are expected to be cloudy breaking into sunny intervals for the rest of the day with the possibilities of afternoon showers over few places while and cloudy nights.

In the coast region, the mornings, early afternoon and night showers are likely to occur over few places occasionally spreading over several places with temperatures during the day likely to be 26 to 29 degree Celsius while night temperatures expected to be 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, according to KMD, most parts of the country were generally dry during the last seven days with light to moderate rainfall recorded in a few stations including the Highlands west of rift valley, Highlands East of Rift Valley and the Coast region.

The organization also noted a decrease in day-time(maximum) temperatures over most parts f the country while night-time(minimum) temperatures increased.

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