Barbara Nyende 

03 April, 2014 – Research into malaria, tuberculosis and leishmaniasis is set to get a major shot in the arm after GSK announced it will invest about 25 million pounds to create a research and development open lab in Tres Cantos, Spain. The company will give independent researchers access to its facilities, researchers and knowledge to help further their research projects.


The lab will be the “world’s first Research and Development Open Lab that will provide a strong platform on increasing understanding of non-communicable diseases and support development of new medicines in Africa”, according to a statement from the company. The pharmaceutical firm announced the new development during the fifth European Union-Africa Business Forum in Brussels.



Speaking at the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum in Brussels GSK chief executive Andrew Witty said the company is “setting out further steps to tackle Africa’s dual health burden of infectious and emerging non-communicable diseases and help build crucial capacity to underpin the development of the healthcare sector in the region.”



The new Open lab in Africa will see   collaboration between the GSK scientists and research scientific centers across Africa from its hub in the United Kingdom to conduct high quality research to increase understanding of non-communicable disease in Africa. The company is also looking at possible locations in Rwanda, Ghana and Ethiopia to develop manufacturing capacity.