In the age of information super highway that facilitates swift global communications, the world has suddenly become a small global village where it’s extremely difficult to contain information flow. Everyone with a smart phone is a media house unto him/herself. Thus, control and management of both corporate and individual reputations, that is, what people say or think about you, has become quite challenging. At Science Africa, we understand these challenges and that is why our approach to corporate communications are strategic, pre-emptive and scientifically planned. We take into account all your key stakeholders at internal (board members, investors, management and other staff members) and external (policy makers, development partners, donors, investors, regulators, researchers, consumers, media and industry) levels.  We back up our approach with concrete data generated through scientific research. The data used to design and implement result-oriented communication interventions that addresses stakeholder concerns, employee concerns, crises communication, community relations and Corporate social responsibility. We will work with you to develop an effective strategic communication strategy that addresses all these areas, including your needs a contributor to communities social good that is necessary for positive reputation and collaboration. We then hold your hands in implementing the strategy in a manner that would yield your public perceptions desires by connecting your insight with the overall strategy and integrating communication as a key driver of your products and services. Finally, we leverage both social and mass media as partners to publicize your priorities. We are adept at designing and implementing grassroots communications and public awareness campaigns that champions meaningful conversations with stakeholders rather than talking at them. Leveraging key influencers for word of mouth advantage is one of our key strategies that allows our clients to benefit from time-test influencer marketing.