We have a network of well trained and experienced journalists across Anglophone, Francophone, Lusophone Africa that support our clients’ national campaign to launch a new product or service, raise public awareness on a social issue and support conferences. Besides the external journalists working with mainstream media in Africa and globally, Science Africa have in-house team of reporters, science writers and media planners ready to plan and execute your media relation needs that deliver results. Our team of experienced journalists and public relations experts work to ensure to find the news in the client’s story skillfully pitch to appropriate media a compelling angle it that would resonate with your audience’s needs. Science Africa is at an advantage of ensuring quality and consistent media coverage to our partners because of our on-going partnership with leading media houses to build capacity of their journalists on effective science reporting. Besides, we use apply media leveraging techniques using the most current thinking and techniques in this area, including sight visits, direct contact, well-researched background articles, news conferences, tip sheets and editorial briefings, among others. We are particularly skilled in providing the creative insight needed to implement media relations programs sensitive to the intricacies governing the communication of STIs and other technical areas. Most senior editors in major media houses are our peers that we enjoy excellent rapport with.