Communication/Media Training

Below are summaries of our latest communication training and facilitation services that we offered to various international, regional and national organizations concerned with environmental and agricultural research for development and communication.

  • Trained journalists and communication experts for Regional Aids Training Network (RATN).
  • ScienceAfrica made key presentation on Uncommunicated Science is a Waste during the recent African Union/UNECA science conference.
  • We have conducted training for various organizations on Effective Media Reporting on Climate Change and Adaptation for Igad Climate Prediction and Application Centre (ICPAC) and Africa Adaptation Programme under UNDP.
  • ScienceAfrica is a major hands-on science journalism internship centre for journalism graduates from seven main universities and colleges both private and public- Three months internship for four to five journalists from 2008 to date.
  • In 2010, Science Africa conducted hands-on intensive media training for East African Science journalists focusing on effective gathering, packing and dissemination of stories on research and development activities on Modern Genetic Engineering.
  • Conducted Africa-wide (17 countries) media training on Effective Reporting of Science, Technology and Innovation in collaboration with the African Technology Policy Studies (ATPS).
  • We have been involved in the moderation of “Science Café” – public debate on the practical impact of science and technology in Kenya. The panelists included university professors, researchers, top media editors and policy makers.
  • Conducted workshop on the Role of Effective Communication in acceptance of modern biotechnology. We also made presentations on How the Mass Media Influence Perceptions on Biotechnology in Africa
  • We successfully organized and conducted media training on effective science reporting on health research including visit to Kenya Aids Vaccines Initiative and Kenya Medical research Institute in 2012.
  • ScienceAfrica own experts made a presentation titled Researchers working with journalists during PANOS East Africa workshop held in Naivasha Kenya.
  • Our experts also made a presentation titled Understanding Science Journalism with focus on Biotechnology during a workshop on science reporting and effective communication of Biotechnology and Biosafety issues in Nairobi, Kenya organized by KARI, AATF and ISAAA.
  • We made a presentation Role of Media in Communicating Biotechnology during Africa-wide Science Journalists Conference organized by Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA) in Nakuru, Kenya.

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