Kenya Certified Guinea Worm-Free

Kenya has no evidence of active Guinea Worm infections an official with the World Health Organization (WHO) official says. Ashok Kumar, the Deputy Team leader...

UN Environment: World’s Protected Areas Increase

By Duncan Mboyah, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (Nov. 19, 2018)....  Up to 15 percent of terrestrial and seven percent of marine areas are now designated as protected...

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Low Utilization of Tariff Preferences, Cause for Concern

By Sharon Atieno According to a report released by the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat, there has been low use of tariff preferences (lower rates or other advantages) for agricultural exports compared to manufactured goods...

Trade: Vigilance on Safety of Agricultural Products Necessary

By Sharon Atieno Though food safety and protection of animal and plant health is an essential area of concern in trade, it is often neglected, resulting in blocked exports. In 2010, Nigeria, a high exporter of...

Serious Need to Prioritize Food Safety

By Opija Raduk With an estimated 600 million cases of food borne illnesses annually, unsafe food is a threat to human health and economies globally. Foodborne diseases in low-income and middle-income countries costs at least US$100...

Urgent Action Needed to Avert Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis

By Sharon Atieno The United Nation’s Interagency Coordination group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG) released a report today which calls for immediate, coordinated and ambitious action to avert a potentially disastrous drug-resistance crisis. The group cautions that...

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