Kenya Certified Guinea Worm-Free

Kenya has no evidence of active Guinea Worm infections an official with the World Health Organization (WHO) official says. Ashok Kumar, the Deputy Team leader...

AAS, Yale  Partner to Strengthen Research

The continent’s top scientific institution, the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and Yale University in the US will on the 16 March 3018, host...

Research and Development


Food Security: Green Grams Changing Lives in Eastern Kenya

By Duncan Mboyah Green grams growing has proved its prowess in changing people’s lives in semi arid Eastern Kenya where it has taken over from maize as both cash and food crop.  In a new effort...

Farmers Need Reliable Information to Cope with Climate Change

Agriculture is a major driver of the Kenyan economy, contributing 54 percent to the Gross Domestic product (GDP) and accounting for 65 percent of total export earnings, according to the World Bank. With changes in...

Using Technology to Provide Agricultural Solutions

By Sharon Atieno Agriculture is being taken to another level with new technologies at the farmer’s disposal. Mobile phones and the internet are constantly being used by agricultural researchers and experts to provide solutions to...

Impact of Big data in Agriculture

By Christabel Arina and Sharon Atieno Since the first agricultural revolution where man moved from hunting and gathering to farming, agriculture has undergone several transformations with the current one being big data. Data driven agriculture...

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