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AfDB Focusing on Renewable Energy

-30 December 2016 - African Development Bank (AfDB) is increasingly focusing on the continent’s major basic needs. It involvement in renewable energy could push Africa to practically develop home grown technologies needed to generate renewable energy. The Bank has agreed to help administer and manage the resources of Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI), and also to host the AREI Independent Delivery Unit as requested by African Heads of State and Government.


Malaria Infections and Deaths: Africa Leads Despite Progress

-30 December 2016- Despite emerging progress towards eradication of malaria, the 2016 World Malaria Report says that 92% of the estimated 429,000 malaria deaths occur in Africa followed by the South-East Asia Region 6% and the Eastern Mediterranean Region 2%.


The Report by World Health Organization which reviews global progress and disease burden (2010-2015) also adds that 90% of the 212 million new cases of malaria occur in the continent, followed by the South-East Asia Region 7% and the Eastern Mediterranean Region 2%.


Aflatoxin Control: Kenya Using Locally Available Aflasafe



-9 Nov 2016-Smallholder farmers in Kenya will have minimal crop loses before and after harvest with the application of Aflasafe which controls aflatoxins common in maize, peanuts, cassava and other crops. Kenya is the second country in Africa after Nigeria, with Senegal in the pipeline to be the third.


WHO Certifies First Country to Eliminate Malaria

-5 November 2016- African nations which are still busy charting their malaria eradication plans may have to learn special lessons on how to eradicate malaria from the little known Asian nation with tongue twisting name Kyrgyzstan.


Parasites’ Positive Relationship with Host

-2 Nov 2016- Parasites and their hosts often have a positive relationship. First as the hosts grow and change, so do the parasites that rely on them. This is according to the Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 102, No. 5, 2016.


Low Yield: Nigeria May Import Cassava

-2 November 2016- Nigeria’s rising population, low yield per hectare of cassava threatens the country’s cassava industry and could impede the gains made in the sector, putting the country at risk of becoming a net importer.


Wellcome Trust Hands over Two Key Research Programmes to AAS

27 October 2016-The Wellcome Trust is handing over two major health research programmes– DELTAS Africa and H3Africa(Human Heredity and Health) - to the African Academy of Sciences’ Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AAS-AESA).


World Bank to Support Africa’s Blue Economy

By Duncan Mboyah

-20 October 2016-The World Bank has pledged to support Africa’s Blue Economy as a pathway out of poverty  for millions of families across the continent. Dr. Haleh Bridi, director of World Bank says that if well managed, Blue Economy can contribute to food and nutrition supply, jobs and wealth creation, community resilience, as well as national economies.


African Academy of Sciences' Senior Advisor Wins $1m


-20 October 2016- Africa Academy of Sciences senior advisor, Prof Kevin Marsh has won the $1m Al Sumait Prize administered by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), for his efforts to control and eradicate malaria.  The prize, launched in 2015 will be awarded annually to individuals and institutions contributing to food security, promoting health and education in Africa. Prof Marsh is among the three recipients who will receive a gold medal and a cash prize of US$1 million each.


Survey: 90 Percent of Kenyans say Healthcare has Problems

-20 October 2016- Nine out of 10 Kenyans believe that the healthcare system has problems and two out of three do not have any type of health insurance. Half of citizens do not know of an ambulance service to be called during emergencies while one out of four households report having members screened for specific non-communicable diseases.


Non-Communicable Diseases: Sugar, Tobacco Top Culprits

By Christabel Ligami

-14 October 2016- Harm reduction for healthier society should be part of any effective public health strategy in national efforts to lower the health burden associated with smoking and the over-consumption of sugar


Gabon Mobilizing Africa to Combat Illegal Fishing

-14 October 2016- The Government of Gabon is engaging other African countries to collaborate in marine protection and the fight against illegal fishing in the continental waters. The announcement follows successful conclusion of a five-month surveillance and control missions and investigation dubbed Operation Albacore.


Tanzania Climate Change: Diet Changes and Infrequent Meals

-2 October 2016- More households in Tanzania’s Rufiji district are changing their diets and eating meals infrequently due to food shortages brought on by climate change.A changing diet and infrequent meals can lead to undernourishment of children and pregnant mothers and cause poor attendance of children to school.


Agroforestry: Trees Transforming Lives, Society


-2 October 2016- If you want to change lives of people and the societies they live in then teach  them how to plant trees and nurture them to maturity; competition for scarce resources usually leads to massive destruction of environment. However, from time immemorial, trees have provided food and oxygen and societies that grow trees, its people lead a healthy life.  This is according to Daisy Ouya, communication specialist at World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)


Kenya Rolls Child Friendly TB Drugs





-2 October 2016- Kenya parents with children suffering from tuberculosis (TB) now have new improved medicines that are also easy to give. The improved medicines are easier for caregivers to administer and are flavored for children to like. The medicines are expected to help improve child treatment and survival.


Accountability in County Healthcare service

Citizen Journalism and Alternative Voices

LODWAR, KENYA - Participants from various parts of the vast Turkana County attending a citizen journalism – alternative or other  voices -  two-week training workshop conducted by ScienceAfrica in Collaboration with Kenya Media Programme. The participants aim to focus on development issues that are relevant and important to Turkana people . The County suffered much neglect in the past.

Cabinet Secretary Demands Accountability, Decries Poor State of Equipment in Hospitals

By Kiprotich Koros
November 25, 2013 - Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia has demanded more accountability from county governments on public money.


“Over 3.7 billion shillings have been devolved to the county government but leaders are slow on accountability,” the Cabinet Secretary said.


Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Vasectomy Needed in All Counties Says Expert

By ScienceAfrica Correspondent
November 25, 2013 - All County health authorities should include vasectomy as a reversible family planning method one of the country’s leading vasectomy experts Dr Charles Ochieng who has undergone the process says.


Vasectomy Will Help Reduce Rapid Population Growth

By Kenya Correspondents Association Reporter
November 25, 2013 - More men need to go for vasectomy if the rapid population growth in Kenya is to be checked reproductive health expert, Dr Charles Ochieng says.

Kenya’s population currently stands at 44.3 million according to 2013 World Population Report.


Counties Need Skilled Medics, Efficient Drug Procurement

By Lawrence Mbae

November 25, 2013 - Despite what may seem as major challenges the devolution of health services as stated in the constitution will also have tremendous benefits and other positive implications for the needy public health experts must face with the emerging reality with innovative strategies.

This was the view of two top health ministry officials who spoke in Nairobi during the recent launching of partnership between the 47 counties with Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS).


Adherence to County Health Service Charters Needed

By Waikwa Maina
November 25, 2013 - Introduction of service charters in public hospitals was intended to improve on services delivery, openness and make patients easily understand on services offered, their costs and when and where such services can be accessed.

But most of the service charters have failed the tests of time. They are user unfriendly, misleading and in implementable. 


Kiambu and Thika Counties Coping with Challenges of Devolved Health Sector

By Lawrence Mbae
November 25, 2013 - According to Kiambu county Governor ,William Kabogo, sustainable healthcare system is paramount to every county citizen since a healthy citizenry will bring social and economic prosperity to the county which is linked to increased productivity.


County Health Workers to Benefit

By ScienceAfrica Correspodent              NOVEMBER 25th, 2013

County governments say health workers will have job security and better remuneration ahead of the impending countrywide strike steered by Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU). Officials in both Kisumu and Homa Bay Counties told ScienceAfrica that they were ready to employ doctors and other health workers at the devolved units according to the strategic polices prepared in readiness for the devolution of healthcare services.


Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

Theme: Kenyan’s Constitution and Accountability in County Health Care Service

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